Services We Offer

Wall Removal Melbourne

We provide an end to end service while taking care of all construction work, permits, site cleaning, final inspection, and a follow-up, if needed.

We have a team of well-trained experts who specialize in meeting building permit and engineering requirements, removing load bearing stud walls, demolishing structural brick walls, creating space for larger doors and windows, installing support equipment including timber and steel beams, and floor patching to ensure a proper after-work finishing.

We understand how to proceed with wall removal projects. We have a specialized team to discuss and understand your project requirements in detail and finalizing a cost estimate that suits your budget. We also conduct site inspections to examine project feasibility and working out the actual cost.

When you work with our Wall Removal Melbourne company, you don’t have to worry about permit applications, and we take care of those issues.

Our civil engineers and project specialists ensure efficient construction including beam installation, wall removal and clean up of residual debris. Finally, you don’t have to worry about site cleaning and subsequent inspections.

We take care of those formalities including home cleaning, final inspection and providing a building permit to ensure that you get a complete service.

Fireplace & Chimney Removal Melbourne

If you are a Melbourne resident who is fed up with an old, non-functinal and outdated fireplace, turn to our Fireplace Removal Melbourne company to help you out.

Give our team of skilled professionals a call today to get started on the project of removing your old fireplace.

Our skilled specialists know how to remove dilapidated fireplace systems without incurring a massive cost at your end. We have helped dozens of home-ownwes across Melbourne successfully decommission old fireplaces at cost-effective prices and we are ready to do the same for you.

Our Fireplace Removal Melbourne company excels at successfully disconnecting and decommissioning old fireplaces at your property. We can help you remove the fireplace without the tedious and time consuming process of removing the entire structure.

If you do not want your fireplace to be completely removed and only want to replace it with a new fireplace, our experienced team of specialists can also do it for you.

With our experience, we ensure that our fireplace Removal service helps you increase the footage of your home, carve out new living spaces and create better spaces.

Chimney Installation Melbourne

If you are looking for a chimney Installation service in Melbourne, you may probably be aware of how tedious, dangerous and time consuming this task can be. However, if you want to operate fireplaces or heavy heaters at your home, you definitely need a chimney installed to emit the smoke and excess heat generated by these devices at your home.

Professionals at our Chimney Installation Melbourne company offer prior consultations before starting your project. After all, certain fireplaces and heaters will need a chimney for their safe usage.

Our team is professionally certified and competent enough to work on your project. We have ensured safety of many homes across Melbourne through our professional chimney Installation services and we would like to do the same for you if you contact us.

Chimney Breast Removal Melbourne

With time, chimneys start ageing and start to cause problems for you. The not only tend to cause dampness, shrinkage of living space and other problems, but could also be potentially dangerous for your property.

At our Chimney Breast Removal Melbourne company, we are driven by a highly experienced team to deliver timely and cost effective results.

Also, we understand all formalities regarding permits and building controls, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We ensure that chimney breast removal is in compliance with all rules and regulations.

We make it a point to carry out a pre-project consultation with you for understanding the details of the removal project and arriving at a cost estimate. This is followed by a site inspection where we arrive on the revised cost and also decide a time frame for completing the project.

Our professionally certified team has helped many Melbourne homes remove old, dis-used chimney breasts. Moreover, we can specify everything from design to construction, and ensure full building control approval.