Chimney Repairs & Restoration Melbourne [With Pricing]

Chimney repairs Melbourne

We are your premier destination for top-notch chimney repair regular maintenance, and restoration services in Melbourne.

Whether you need minor repairs, complete restoration, or chimney removal, our skilled team of experts is dedicated to providing you with efficient and reliable solutions.

Trust us to bring new life to your chimneys and ensure their safety for years to come. Experience the highest standard of service and craftsmanship with our tailored solutions for all your chimney needs.

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Why Choose Chimney Restoration Melbourne?

Sparkling Expertise In Chimney Repair

We have mastered the art of chimney repair and restoration like nobody else! Our team of skilled professionals knows building chimneys inside out, ensuring flawless results every time.

Smoke-Signal Speed

We’re faster than a smoke signal! With swift response times and efficient service, we’ll have your house and chimney up and running in no time, saving you from the chilliest of nights.

Puff-ectly Affordable

Quality shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Enjoy competitive prices and transparent quotes, ensuring you get the best value for your chimney investment.

Chimney Repair & Restoration In Melbourne Cost

Type of RepairAverage Cost for Repair (Melbourne)
Cap$150 – $385
Crown$150 – $335
Flue$275 – $1,000
Wood rot$150 – $400
Flashing$225 – $540
Sealing$160 – $420
Leaning stack$1,250 – $4,000
Spalling$1,000 – $2,835
Re-mortaring$165 – $465
Repointing$550 – $2,500
Tuckpointing$550 – $2,500
Parging$950 – $2,000
Chimney MaterialAverage Repair Cost
Brick$210 – $1,165
Stucco$690 – $2,475
Metal$235 – $1,200
Prefabricated$235 – $1,200

Please note that these costs are estimates and can vary depending on the specific scope of work, the extent of damage, and other factors. It’s recommended to contact us and take a quote from us.

Services We Offer

Chimney Removal Melbourne

Is your chimney cramping your style? Say farewell to that old sooty stack and welcome a spacious, chimney-free life!

Our expert team will handle the removal with surgical precision, leaving you with more room to breathe and dance like a chimney sweep in jubilation. Click right here on the link to know more chimney removal Melbourne

Wall Removal Melbourne

Tired of feeling boxed in by walls? Let’s tear down those barriers and create a sense of togetherness!

Our wall removal service will open up your space, fostering connections with other elements and turning your home into a social hub.

No wall is too stubborn for our demolition dance moves! Click here to know about our wall removal Melbourne services.

Chimney Restoration Melbourne

Does your chimney resemble a medieval relic? Let’s travel back in time and restore its former majesty! Our restoration wizards will work their magic, breathing new life into your chimney’s history and aesthetic appeal, making it a talking point for generations to come.

Fireplace Repair And Restoration

Is your fireplace feeling frosty instead of fiery? Let’s give it the TLC it deserves! Our repair experts will ignite its spark once more, making sure it roars with warmth and coziness.

From fixing cracks to fine-tuning the charm, we’ll turn your hearth into a focal point that everyone will gather ’round. Click on the link to visit our fireplace restoration Melbourne & Repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call someone who repairs chimneys?

Someone who repairs chimneys is commonly referred to as a “chimney sweep” or a “chimney technician.” These professionals specialize in cleaning, inspecting, and repairing chimneys to ensure their proper functioning and safety.

How do you repair a crack in a brick chimney?

To repair a crack in a brick chimney, first, clean the area thoroughly, then apply a suitable masonry repair caulk or mortar to fill the crack and allow it to dry completely.

What time of year is best for chimney repair?

The best time for chimney repair is during the warmer months, preferably in late spring, summer, or early fall. This allows ample time for the repairs to be completed before the colder months when the chimney is needed for heating.