Chimney Removal Melbourne & Fireplace [With Cost Guide]

Chimney Removal Melbourne

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Chimney Removal Cost In Melbourne

Chimney removal is a complicated process requiring the services of an experienced specialist, extensive planning and preparations, and support equipment.

Average Pricing of Fireplace Chimney Removal$5,000 to $15,000
Partial Fireplace or Chimney Demolition$1000 to $3,500
Chimney Breast Removal$1,500 to $2,500
Chimney Flue or Liner Removal$1,600 to $5,100

This will include demolishing the stack and breast, installing structural support, and carrying out the necessary repair work on the walls, roof, and floor.

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Okay! so now this is not the exact pricing, this just an estimate of our previous projects. Call us so we can come to your home, and we can give you a free quote. The purpose of writing this pricing section is just to give you can idea that how much you can plan to spend on it.

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When it comes to a renovation as complicated as chimney removal, you should only trust experienced specialists to do it for you. Our team specializes in chimney removal and has rendered its services to many homes in Melbourne and its suburbs.

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Our team is professionally certified and when you contact us, you know that you will be dealing with specialists who are duly qualified to carry out chimney removal at your property.

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Chimney removal can be a time-consuming process and you might end up investing a lot of time in this task. However, as a leading Removal Melbourne company, we excel at providing time-bound, quick results without any unforeseen delays.

Services We Offer

Fireplace Removal

Maintaining a fireplace can be complicated and an expensive task to achieve. Moreover, fireplaces come with inherent safety risks and some homeowners therefore consider getting rid of them even without removing the chimneys attached to them.

Now, removing that entire structure can be complicated and expensive. Fireplace Removal services at our company will provide you timely assistance and the necessary finesse to take care of this arduous responsibility.

Chimney Installation

Chimney installation at your property is an investment that enhances the decor of your home and also improves your lifestyle.

It can help you in a variety of tasks including a cosy fireplace in your living room/ bedroom or a chimney on the top of your kitchen to get rid of any excessive smoke and heat.

Chimney Breast Removal

Chimney breast removal is a tough task that needs to be carried out with extensive planning and prior preparations.

It includes necessary precautions like using suitable support beams to avoid structural damage and to support the masonry near the chimney.

So, if you are thinking of maximizing your living and utility space by removing a chimney breast, you can contact our friendly staff to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Chimney Repairs & Restoration

We provide top-notch chimney repair and restoration services to ensure your chimney functions flawlessly. Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. If you require reliable chimney repairs and restoration in Melbourne, visit us at Chimney Repairs Melbourne to learn more about our comprehensive services.

We specialize in wall removal in Melbourne, if you want to know more about that service please click on the link and visit that page and we do offer fireplace restoration Melbourne service, click on the link and see our fireplace services.

We do offer site cleaning after the chimneys get removed from your location. You should discuss or get some advice before making a booking.

Chimneys can be removed easily if done properly and we do not give your leads to other franchise or company, so don’t need to worry about the quality of the work.

We just need your address, phone and contact number to quote you at your point. You can leave a message as well and we can fix a date that suits you for a quote.

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How Chimney Removals Works? (With Building Permit)

For removing a chimney, you may handle the project yourself or get an independent contractor to do it for you.

However, for chimney removal to be done properly, every brick should be removed one at a time to ensure proper disassembly and removal of the chimney. This is why chimney removal costs tend to go up.

In some cases, we do need to remove roof tiles for getting an access to the chimney. All of our customers are satisfied with our safe and risk-free performance. We do clean the site after finishing our work, so you don’t have to deal with the messy process.

We do complete certificates or building permit if needed for removing bricks wall or chimney removal job. We do offer all range of chimney removal services. We advise our customers to call us before the booking.

If you need value for your brickwork, you can call us, we put customer satisfaction on priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to remove a chimney?

It essentially depends upon your needs and home requirements. With innovations like central heating and modern electrical appliances mean that we don’t really need central fireplaces and chimneys on top to vent out the smoke and excess heat.

However, chimney removal can be time consuming and expensive given the intricate architecture involved and the manual labour as well as support equipment needed to remove it.

Are You Insured?

It depends on your home insurance policy. Repair for your chimney will generally be covered by the insurance policy when damage occurs due to a sudden and unexpected event.

Natural damage occurring due to factors like old age of the chimney, wear and tear, and depreciation is generally not covered by home insurance policy.

Therefore, if lightning strikes the roof of your house and chimney gets damaged, your insurance policy may cover it.

Similarly, a chimney fire could be covered by home insurance. On the other hand, intentional actions that lead to damage will not cover chimney repairs.

How much time does it take to remove a chimney?

Chimney removal tends to be a complicated and time-consuming process and even an ordinary chimney removal will take around two days. Two people will be required to remove it brick by brick for avoiding any structural damage.

A full chimney demolition could go on for as long as 5 days. On the other hand, a chimney stack may be removed in one and a half days.

However, removing a chimney could lead to desired results and enhance your property by amplifying the living areas, creating more space for utilities and creating room for amenities.

Do I need permission to remove a chimney?

Planning permission is required only if the chimney that you are going to remove is a protected structure. If your property is an ordinary semi-detached house, the removal of the chimney will be considered exempt from development.

However, it is not a bad idea to have a thorough discussion with a structural engineer/ building surveyor before starting with the process of chimney removal.

Apart from the permissions, it will also be necessary for avoiding any structural damage possibly involved in the entire process.