Wall Removal Melbourne Contractors [With Full Pricing]

wall removal Melbourne

At Melbourne wall removals we do provide efficient work with affordable prices. Are you looking for structural wall removal? brick walls? We will be at your house door fast when you book our service.

We do offer rubbish removal, wall removal services, beam installation and we do site clean after finishing the work.

before and after wall removal Melbourne
before and after wall removal Melbourne

Why Choose Us?


We understand that you have to spend heavily on renovation and interior design apart from wall removal/ demolition. So, whenever you contact us, we make it a point to take you in the loop, carry out site inspections and work out a reasonable cost for your project.

Experienced Team

With our experience and specialization, we know how to ensure complete structural safety while removing any interior wall.

Experts At Removing Different Types of Walls

Our experts know how to remove different kinds of walls and understand how to meet your unique needs. Consult our friendly staff to get guaranteed results about your project requirements.

Wall Removal Melbourne Cost

Wall TypeCost In AUD
Load bearning Wall$2,000 to $10,000
Internal Wall$500 to $2,500
Structural Wall$5,000 to $20,000
External Wall$2,000 to $8,000
Garage Wall$1,000 to $5,000
Brick Wall$500 to $2,500
Gas Heater Wall$1,000 to $3,000

Please note that these are rough average cost ranges and can vary based on factors like location, wall size, and specific project requirements. Always consult with local contractors and professionals for accurate quotes tailored to your project.

Services We Offer

Chimney Removal Melbourne

We are a leading Chimney Removal Melbourne company serving the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Our experienced team is fully capable of handling any project regardless of its type and size.

We also offer pre-execution consultations and site inspections to draw up reasonable cost estimates and install appropriate safety equipment.

Load Bearing Wall Removal

Removing walls can be a tricky task with chances of structural damage to your property. This could especially be the case with load bearing walls.

We are specialize in taking load bearing wall removal safely across Melbourne and its suburbs.

Gas Heater Wall Removal

A gas wall heater may help control your room temperature and climate efficiently. But old gas heaters can often turn turn risky and sound off your fire alarms at times.

At our gas wall removal Melbourne company, we ensure that gas heaters are taken down without any collateral damage and in a cost-effective, timely manner.

Internal Wall Removal Melbourne

Removing internal walls in your home can be a great boon for your home. Knocking it out can increase living spaces, widen up your kitchen, living spaces, and bedrooms.

So, if you own an older home, knocking down an internal Wall may sound like the only solution to cramped up size of your property.

We also excel at improving living spaces and have helped many Melbourne families enhance their ambience with our internal wall removing services.

Garage Wall removal

Your garage may be too small, and you may want to increase its size by removing a wall, or you may want to renovate it by removing an internal wall, or you may want to build a new room out of your garage.

We are professionally certified and carry enough experience to help you in whatever way you need our assistance.

Brick Walls Removal

When deciding to remove a brick wall at your property, there are certain precautions that must be taken to ensure a smooth removal.

We make it a point to check if the wall is non-load bearing brick wall or a load bearing type and proceed accordingly.

We do not make mess; we are here to clean the mess. Our team of professionals carefully work at your site.

Structural Wall Removal

If you are thinking of remodelling your property or expanding its size, you may have to think about removing one or more structural walls.

We have an efficient team who can take care of the process of removing old walls from your living spaces and provide you with more space.

wall removal Melbourne


Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Domestic Walls Removed?

If you want to remove a domestic wall, you just need to follow five easy steps:

  1. Get the right materials for the job
  2. Hire an expert
  3. Knocking down the wall.
  4. Remove studs and plates
  5. Repair your damaged ceiling, floor and other structures

Why Should You Remove Your Wall?

  1. Better and larger living spaces through removal of unnecessary partition walls.
  2. Ability to remodel your house according to your own needs and preferences.
  3. Removing unnecessary walls may help create new rooms, modular kitchens and other amenities.
  4. Ability to ensure greater functionality by connecting different components of your home.